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Welcome to Kinonah Information Technology, a leading provider of IT, Digitalization, and Consulting Services since 2005. Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and having our presence in Cairo, Amman, and Islamabad, we specialize in offering end-to-end services tailored to our clients’ business needs and local regulations.

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At Kinonah, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT and digitalization services. Our goal is to support your organization's digital transformation journey and optimize your operations.

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Digital Transformation

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Enterprise Solutions

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Emerging Technology Services

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Software Development and Integration Services



In 2010, Kinonah worked with the Ministry of Media on a comprehensive Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture project. We mapped and optimized their processes, developed a new business architecture, and trained their staff to manage the new systems. The project was recognized as the best e-government project across Saudi Arabia by King Abdullah and won an Excellent E-Government Award across the Middle East.

In 2012, we carried out a successful SAP implementation for a large sector client. Our team managed the entire process, from system design and configuration to data migration, testing, and training. This project won a Silver Award for SAP Implementation across the MENA region, acknowledging our technical expertise and project management skills.

In 2015, we implemented an Oracle ERP system for the Ministry of Media. Despite the complex nature of the project, our team managed to complete it within a tight timeframe of 3 months. This project demonstrated our ability to deliver high-quality solutions under pressure and our commitment to client satisfaction.